A typical day in the life of a design manager

The irony of starting a post with a title like this is that mostly my days are very atypical. The first couple of days of the week I tend to focus on having 1:1’s and design critiques with my team, while on Wednesday and Thursday I focus on blocking larger chunks of time for more […]

Affordable design != Bad design

I’m a big fan of brands that offer basic and minimalistic design products like Ikea and Uniqlo. A lot of the furniture in my current apartment comes from Ikea, and I love mixing with other family hand-me-downs, and creating a balance between the minimalist and the pieces with a clear signature. I’m also a big […]

This title will be optimized for maximum engagement

My father ran his own business for most of his professional life. I always admired that he was able to venture out on his own and not take the easier route of working for someone else. I grew up knowing that running a small business was not easy, to say the least. Not only did […]

Learning to listen

Designers at Automattic have one common goal that is clearly stated in our creed: I will never stop learning. It’s something that I refer back to when being challenged with a new idea, work method or model of interacting with people that feels foreign to me. It’s that initial fear of being exposed to a new […]

Buying views with coffee

At Automattic we love to experiment, and as part of an initiative to be more empathetic with our customers we were posed with the following challenge: Pick a colleague’s post, and explain why you chose that one. Outline a plan for the post to get 1,000+ views. Imagine that you have a US $20 budget […]