This title will be optimized for maximum engagement

My father ran his own business for most of his professional life. I always admired that he was able to venture out on his own and not take the easier route of working for someone else. I grew up knowing that running a small business was not easy, to say the least. Not only did … Continue reading This title will be optimized for maximum engagement

Learning to listen

Designers at Automattic have one common goal that is clearly stated in our creed: I will never stop learning. It’s something that I refer back to when being challenged with a new idea, work method or model of interacting with people that feels foreign to me. It’s that initial fear of being exposed to a new … Continue reading Learning to listen

Buying views with coffee

For a while working remotely has been a hot topic of conversation on online communities that I participate and when I engage in real life conversations with people whose work orbit the same area of work. Students are interested in looking for work experiences that feel like they are operating in the future. Working 9 to … Continue reading Buying views with coffee