WordCamp Porto

This WordCamp was different for me in many ways: it was the first WordCamp I attended outside of my city and it was the first time I was an actual attendant and not part of the organization.

Besides all the good bits you get from the talks, the social aspect of WordCamps is what I’m always looking forward to. Seeing old friends and making new ones, talking with people for other corners of the world, sharing experiences and battles. To me that’s the real value.

The program had a good mix of technical and non-technical talks. To me this WordCamp was all about these two girls:


Ana Aires:

Ana talked about how to deal with difficult clients and how to go from  battles to working together as a team, creating value and projecting a path to allow a growing and meaningful relationship that might translate into an on-going business partnership, instead of a one project kind of deal.


Siobhan McKeown:

Most WordPress aficionados know the origins of the software, Siobhan goes a little deeper into the details, telling the story of how this wonderful software that we all love came to life. Using that as a pretext, the point was that if you have something that bugs you you should try to find a solution for it. Or in Siobhan words: scratch that itch, don’t wait for other people to come and scratch it for you.


Unfortunately I did not have the chance of eating a francesinha this time (other delicious things were eaten instead), so I might have to return soon to correct that mistake!

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