Wrapping up WordCamp Lisboa 2012

Hugo Fernandes on Creativity (photo by Guilherme Corte-Real)

The second edition of WordCamp Lisboa just wrapped up and it was once again a big success. We had some great talks and this year a discussion panel was introduced in the afternoon that added a refreshing break from the sequence of talks.

Today we held a hackday on Cowork Lisboa where attendees tackled some WordPress tickets and some translations. There was also an introductory session on how to contribute to WordPress to those who had never done it before.

The event itself went smoothly without major delays, and I felt people where generally pleased with the whole experience. Yes, the lunch line was little big yesterday, we promise to work on that next year!

Like always there are some lessons to learn, for instance there was a big focus on the technical side and some people where expecting more talks about design. So Portuguese designers: start thinking about quality talks for next year!

For me the best part is always to meet new people and exchange war stories. Just like last year we had people from all around the country and the world, with interesting experiences to share and inspire.

I hope to see everyone again next year, or maybe sooner on another meetup or WordCamp somewhere, who knows?

Check out the Eventifier page for pics, videos and slides of the whole event.

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