Damn you internets!

You start writing a blog post and then you think “This has potential to do some harm if the wrong people read this”, and then you think “Damn you internet for spreading my thoughts all over the place!”, and then you think some more “Wait, thats the actual porpose of the internet! And maybe you shouldn’t be writing for anyone to read”…. So the post went down the WordPress drain.

(photo by piitaaraq)

3 thoughts on “Damn you internets!

  1. So, this is a blog post about a non blog post! 😉
    I tend to over think around that topic… :/

  2. Some things should be kept off the Internet.

    The other day someone at twitter overshared A LOT about their sex life. I’m not prude but I’d prefer he had kept it for himself. 😐

    All I could think of was this particular Penny Arcade strip: http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2008/04/23/

  3. @Dave over-thinking is an enemy of creativity… 🙁
    @Raquel Oh c’mon, someone sharing sex life’s details, always entertaining, don’t be so prude! 😉

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