Moving – part I

I’m starting to prepare to move to a new place, and by preparing I mean getting rid of stuff I’ve gathered all my life: old CDs and cassettes, inumerous gadgets like my first walkman (still works!), the discman from my first college years (that doesn’t play beyond the third track), old headphones, gamepads. And paper, I keep lots of paper: magazines, device instructions, ticket stubs, flyers, post cards, boarding passes…

It’s all crap, useless and worthless, but every piece of it means something to me: people, places, events… and I’m having a very hard time sorting it out. I will not have room for all of it, but at the same time I can’t throw it out, it’s too emotional and I know if I do I will feel an enormous loss.

This is process is far from peaceful… and I just started!

3 thoughts on “Moving – part I

  1. Como eu te compreendo.
    Já mudei inúmeras vezes de casa e sei muito bem o que isso é.
    Também sou dos que tenho uma grande facilidade em acumular todo esse tipo de objectos.

  2. I’m having the same problem on my very lengthy moving out process. I’m keeping the stuff I like the most though, even if it’s inside a box in the attic, at least it’s not lost. I’m getting rid of old stuff, like some of my college prints, which are now completely irrelevant (keeping the ones that matter though).

    I can relate to the ‘not wanting to lose good memories’ thing. Saying that, I’m not sure if you have a storage attic or something in your new house, but if so, I’d advice saving your boxed stuff there so you never regret trashing your memories.

  3. @raquel Yeah, but isn’t that the same as throwing it away? I’ve “stored” stuff in the attic to never touch it again. But I guess you’re right, at least you don’t feel like you’re losing it. Ah… why can’t everything be digital?

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