More tips on freelancing after 9 to 5 and not go crazy

Michael Martine from Freelance Folder wrote a great article on Balancing Freelancing With A Full-Time Job Without Burning Out. I have some extra advice of my own:

Take Notes

Of course you’re going to come up with ideas for your freelance gigs during your 9 to 5 job, you can’t stop your brain from thinking, but don’t expect to remember everything you thought about during your working hours by the end of the day, so just take notes of everything and review it when you can.
This is pretty basic advice but just make checklists for everything, come up with some kind of system, either being a web service or a piece of software, just write everything down somewhere, your brain is the worst place to store information.

Check email first thing in the morning

I recently started to this, get up 10 minutes earlier and check your email before you leave the house, this way you’ll answer yours clients more frequently and he/she won’t think you’re a night owl (even though you very possibly are!).
If you commute consider getting a mobile device that has email capabilities so that you can minimize the wasted time.

Don’t overwork and save some time for yourself

Realize that you can’t work 7 days a week, 16 hours a day, you’re not superman (or girl), plan your projects wisely and leave some free time for yourself.
I tend to work more on weekends than during the week, this is when I do tasks that are more creative, during the week I do more “maintenance” tasks that don’t demand too much.
Another rule of mine during the week is not to exceed a certain number of hours of consecutive work, unless you’re on a creative streak, set a time limit to go to bed, most certainly the task you’re completing can wait until the next evening, You’ll be thankful the next day after having a decent number of hours of sleep, rather than walking around in zombie mode all day and not being able to continue working on your gig because you’re just too exhausted.

I try to follow these rules as much as I can, but of course there are ectic periods when I just feel overworked, but once the project is over I just take a break from freelancing for a while until I feel like there’s space for it in my life again.

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  1. You may find in GTD -from David Allen- some usefull tips for this. Check it out in David Allen website at

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