Second Skin

Veronica Belmot from Mahalo Daily interviews the makers of Second Skin, a documentary about people that play online games premiered at the SxSw conference.
No one really cares any more about “online living” or at least it’s no longer a relevant discussion but I am really interested in seeing how this kind of behaviour affects peoples “real life”. I know some people that played and continue playing things like Second Life and World of Warcraft and for a period of time I watched their lives change, but I’m interested in seeing what happens you your second life overpasses your first life.

2 thoughts on “Second Skin

  1. I played World of Warcraft for a long time and just decided to quit, especially because it just took up too much of my free time. Some of the people I know who still play for extended ammounts of time do ridiculous things like not going out with their boyfriend/girlfriend because they have a raid scheduled. They make their real life revolve around the game, instead of just treating it like a hobby.

    Fortunately a lot of people who play it a lot, manage to balance things out, but there are lots and lots people who really neglect their real life just to play.

    Personally, what I really wonder is what will happen when people who play that much realize that they’ve completely wasted 10-20 years of their life, and find themselves alone because everyone else has actually lived their lives and now is dead or away.

  2. I think that the whole thing is just sad…

    Virtual entertainment should never surpass real entertainment… with real people… on real locations…

    And I still know some that prefer to stay home being a Blood Elf Rogue that can shoot arrows out of their anus.
    Hurray for them!

    It’s just sad…

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