Southeast Asia Trip IV: Phuket and Phi Phi Don



We went from Bangkok to Phuket using Thai Air Asia, which proved to be a pretty reliable air company, the down side of it was we were only allowed to carry 15kg of luggage, which I already knew and was prepared for.
When we arrived in Phuket it was raining because it was monsoon season. The weather was cloudy most of the time, in the brief periods of sun I managed to get sunburned because I forgot to bring sun block to the beach, idiot!
We stayed at a beach resort in Patong Beach, which was a big mistake. I should’ve looked a bit more when I was planning the trip. Patong is like Albufeira but with Australians. There are people selling crap everywhere, and they can be a hassle. Going out can be fun if you want to get loaded, otherwise it’s just bad music and hookers (male/female/sex unknown).
We stayed two nights in Phuket and then went to Phi Phi Don by ferry, it took a little over two hours to get there and then we had two take a small boat to the resort since there are no road. We had to jump on the water with the luggage on our heads which was kind of fun!
Phi Phi Don is the perfect place to relax, there isn’t much to do besides going to the beach/pool, scuba diving or walking around the island. The resort was located on the opposite side where the Tsunami hit, we walked to the other side of the island and the destruction was still visible. Unfortunately it rained a lot, the only sunbeams spotted were on the morning we left at around 6AM that produced a great scenario for pictures.
We didn’t had the chance to visit Phi Phi Le, where the movie “The Beach” was shot because of the weather conditions, boats are not allowed to enter the island. Still it was a great experience, and I hope to return in the future, perhaps in the winter to fully enjoy the islands.

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