Southeast Asia trip III: Bangkok


It takes about an hour to get to Bangkok from the airport, so far, all the cities in this trip have airports that are far from the city, at least 30 minutes, still people in Portugal complain about having an airport on the other side of the river.
Coming from Malaysia and Singapore, Bangkok is a bit of a chock, all the tidiness and organization is behind, caos is in charge now. It took us forever to reach the hotel because of the inner city traffic, it’s chaotic, and because of that we avoided cabs. The inner streets of Bangkok are kind of scary, but once you get used to it you find out they are totally safe.
I don’t want to get to long on this post so I’ll just point out the highlights: the Palaces with all the Buddha’s and the gold, just that is enough to visit Bangkok; the hookers, that are everywhere at anytime, going out can be a little annoying because of this; our super cheap 5 star hotel with the pool and spa on the rooftop that was a life saviors in the hours of extreme heat; the floating market, though it’s super touristy, was worth checking out, the whole trip was a lot of fun due to our rather intriguing tour guide Ricky(!); the super spicy food that was spicy even when you request not spicy; and of course, the shopping malls, I know I should have taken a larger bag!

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    That is one big Buddah!

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