Congrats little sister!

So my cousin got married yesterday, she’s all grown up now. It feels kind of weird to me because she is in some part my little sister, we pretty much grew up together as brother and sister since my mother took care of both of us, I am only two months older than she is. Time passed and we became apart, she was one of those girls that developed early, and got “mature” a lot earlier than me. I remember spending some vacations at her house and at a give period of time we had completely different interests. And then I started growing up and enjoying some her interests, like partying all night. I remember us both being fifteen doing really silly things that I feel somewhat ashamed but that were part of being a teenager. We stopped spending vacations together when we were sixteen or seventeen, she had a boyfriend and I didn’t want to be around for that, she was my only friend at the summer place, since I only went there for three weeks in the summer, every time I returned, no would remember me anymore. Then she came to Lisbon for college, but things weren’t the same, we got to be total strangers and didn’t really want to be around each other, that’s life. Still I’m happy that she got married, that’s what she dreamed of her entire life and I’m glad she found some the guy who makes her happy. Congrats little sister!

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